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Student Societies

Student Societies

Marsh Society

The Marsh Society is named after Narcissus Marsh, who was successively Bishop of Ferns and Leighlin, Archbishop of Cashel, Archbishop of Dublin and Archbishop of Armagh. He was also the Provost of Trinity College Dublin, from 1679, where he did much to encourage the study of the Irish Language. In the 2019–2020 academic year, the Marsh Society will host speakers who will discuss, from their experience, practising a Christian faith in a secular workplace. There will also be a discussion on the history of the Irish language in the Church of Ireland, and its role today.

Dearmer Society

The Dearmer Society seeks to support ordinands who might identify with the Catholic tradition of Anglicanism as part of their spiritual fabric. The Society seeks to affirm and encourage the CITI community in the common disciplines of prayer and reflection, mindful that our continued witness in Braemor Park is part of the whole Christian and Catholic tradition, Eastern and Western. We meet through God’s grace to share prayer, fellowship, and to be inspired to explore and root our formation within the holy, catholic and apostolic pattern of Scripture and Sacrament.

Institute Fellowship

The Institute fellowship is a student society which is evangelical in outlook. The fellowship seeks to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through its values and teaching. As such, we seek to invite speakers to challenge the body of ordinands in their personal relationship with Christ so that they in turn may boldly proclaim the message of Jesus in their current and future ministry.