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Armagh (Full–Time, 2nd year)

Christopher West


I am 23 years old, I live in rural Armagh, and I am in my second year of full–time training for ordination. I had been studying in Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, Dundee, when I perceived a strong calling to ordained ministry. As a result, I left my Medical School to pursue God’s call.

It was not an easy choice. I had to leave behind my studies, and my university friends. But the Church of Ireland Theological Institute has made all the difference. I have learned so much from the classes, and even more from the community. I have been uplifted and challenged by the worship, held by the prayer life of the community, and encouraged to explore a range of church traditions by the tutors.

Now in my second year at the Theological Institute, I am continuing to enjoy living in a prayerful, committed community, creating for me a strong foundation for life in ministry. I look forward to growing in knowledge of how to faithfully and effectively interpret and apply God’s grace in Christ to contemporary contexts in Ireland through my studies here.