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Braemor Series Book Launch 16th February 2022

New Braemor Studies volumes look at pilgrimage and the Eucharist

Two new titles in the Braemor Studies series were officially launched recently. The Revd Karen Salmon’s book and the Revd Christopher West’s book were both launched at an in–person gathering in the Church of Ireland Theological Institute.

The Revd Karen Salmon’s book is entitled ‘St Patrick’s Pilgrimages – Journey to Place, Journey to God’. It was published last year but due to ongoing restrictions could not receive an official launch. It was launched by the Very Revd Henry Hull, Dean of Down. The book explores the relationship between people and pilgrimage in Ireland in the 21st century incorporating reflections and interviews with pilgrims as well as a detailed look at the scholarship and history of pilgrimage in the Christian Church.

The Revd Christopher West’s volume is entitled ‘Eucharist and Embodiment, An Invitation to Constructive Theological Thinking’. It was launched by the Revd Kenny Hall, Dean of Clogher.  The book intends to cross boundaries within the disciplines of theology, philosophy and science in the search for an integrated approach to our embodied reception of the Eucharist. Christopher explains that it is an exercise in constructive theology which has contemporary relevance.

Dean Hull noted that Down Cathedral is the traditional burial place of St Patrick and two miles down the road in Saul is where he began his ministry in Ireland. Pilgrims come from far and wide to both locations. “Karen has written about the sites and the people who visit them. She has talked to people and reflected on their experiences and the experience of those who welcome pilgrims,” he explained. He added that she also looks at pilgrimage through the lens of the Bible, history and in something that is very real today.

Dean Hall commented that Christopher’s study crossed the boundaries of theology, philosophy and science in search of an integrated whole. He said it was rooted in the traditions of the church but also looked at where the church was in the world today.

The latest launch brings Volume 12 and 13 of the Braemor Series. The series comprises the final year theses of MTh students which have been selected for publication by the external examiner. Dr Raymond Refausse, chairman of Church of Ireland Publishing noted that the series arose from the recognition that there was a lack of publications in the area of theology. This led them to seek cooperation with CITI and the final year students. The result is that CITI looks after the intellectual side while CIP and the RCB Library takes care of the practical side.

The books are available on the Church of Ireland online bookstore – www.store.ireland.anglican.org


 (l–r) Bryan Whelan, Rev Canon Dr Maurice Elliott, Rev Karen Salmon, Rev Christopher West, Dr Raymond Refausse, Dr Bridget Nichols

Rev Canon Dr Maurice Elliott