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End of year events

End of year events


On 27th May, The Downes Extemporary Speaking Competition took place as part of CIT’s ‘End of Year’ events.

It was a thrilling debate with excellent speeches from all participants.  The overall winners were Timothy Eldon, Andy Pierce, Philip McKinley and Matthew Topley.

Other awards presented virtually by the Director of CITI were as follows:

Corkey Prize (Greek) – Johnny Lowden

Carrowdore Exhibition Prize (Rural Ministry) – Stuart Armstrong

Moncrieff Cox Memorial Fund (Preaching)  – Alexander Chisnall and Martin Steele

Bishop George Quin Memorial Prize  (Contribution to life within CITI)– Jean Carney

Downes Essay Semester 2 winner – Andy Pierce

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Other academic prizes that were confirmed through the annual Court of Examiners which convened on 16th June were:

Weir Prize – Stuart Armstrong, Johnny Lowden, Anna Williams, Leonard Madden, Andy Hay and Scott Hayes.

The Elrington Prize (Anglicanism) – Mathew McCauley.

The COI Literature Committee award for best dissertation, as determined by the External Examiner Professor Elaine Graham – Andy Hay