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Riga 2019

The CITI study tour to Riga took place at the end of August 2019.
The tour party included members of the academic staff and administration.
Special thanks to Imants Miezis for helping to organise this tour to Riga.
Detailed below is some feedback from some of those on the study tour
“Our CITI study trip to Riga was not only an opportunity to visit a beautiful city; it was also an opportunity to hear stories from a very different cultural and political context to our own, and to learn more about the church in Latvia. Through the guided tour and the museum visits on the first day, we gained insight to the impact of both Communist and Nazi rule in Latvia. The KGB museum was particularly hard–hitting, as we learnt of the culture of suspicion and fear, as well as the extent of the persecution of Christians and those of other faiths. Given this background, it was incredible to hear of the mission and ministry of the Latvian Lutheran Church and the Latvian Lutheran Church Abroad – particularly how the latter is ministering in dispersed communities, and still finding ways to express the unity found in the Body of Christ”.

“Our study trip to Riga was a beneficial and enjoyable experience. It was very interesting to learn of the Church’s part in Latvian culture and what this looked like under the rule of the USSR. Through the many guided tours that we had, through museums, art galleries, and different churches, we were able to learn and discuss the culture and what the Church’s mission looked like in Latvia. It was also a chance to experience another culture and spend time getting to know the CITI community better, as well as forming good friendships”.

“The CITI study trip to Riga, provided us with a great opportunity to visit a historic European city, but in some ways also a new city! The trip was very beneficial and enjoyable for me personally both in terms of learning about the History of Riga but also in terms of getting to know fellow students and staff better. During our trip to Latvia we learnt about the history of Riga under the rule of the USSR and its journey towards independence. Having a tour guide for the most of our trip, who brought us to museums and provided information during our time there was extremely helpful. She helped us to understand what this city and country had been through. The one aspect of the trip I found very helpful was our meetings with different members of the Latvian Lutheran Church both abroad and in Latvia. It was good to hear about the differences the two churches have and the roles they play both today’s society but also under rule of the USSR”.

“I gained a whole new insight into the challenges of life in Latvia and how fragile their democracy actually is. The sessions in culture and life through the Russian and German occupations were emotionally challenging.”
“The sessions on the two streams of the Lutheran church were instructive. I knew nothing of this.”
“The trip was very well planned. I particularly appreciated the time in the national gallery after the horrors of the KGB museum”.
“The trip was enjoyable and extremely worthwhile”.