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Reader Mini–Retreat Conference

Reader Mini–Retreat Conference

Reader ‘Mini–Retreat’ Conference, March 11th and 12th  2016.

“The life of Saint Patrick and his message for us today”.

David Brown.

CITI Lay Training Department.


Patrick Comerford
Patrick Comerford

The Lay Training Department of the Church of Ireland Theological Institute is very pleased to announce our first Reader ‘mini–retreat’ conference for 2016.

Facilitated by Rev’d Canon Comerford, Lecturer in Anglicanism, Liturgy and Church History (CITI), Diocesan and Parish Readers are warmly invited to hear Patrick lead our thinking and learning on “The Life of Saint Patrick and his message for us today”. Topics to be covered during the mini–retreat will include “Who is Saint Patrick?” “Saint Patrick’s writings and message” and “Celtic Spirituality, is there something there…?”.

Running from 6pm on the 11th of March to 3.30pm on the 12th of March, this ‘mini–retreat’ will provide an informed and challenging look at the life of our Patron Saint and the importance of his message for the Church (and society today). The ‘mini–retreat’ will also include times of worship, prayer and fellowship for those engaged in Reader ministry from across the Church of Ireland.

To book a place on the Saint Patrick ‘mini–retreat’ (residential or non–residential places available) please email davidbrown@theologicalinstitute.ie