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Studying on the MTh course has provided opportunities to grow intellectually and spiritually as part of a community of learning. The course makes space for grappling with ancient truths in light of contemporary thinking, to hold theory and praxis in conversation, and to grow in the habit of critical thinking and theological reflection. The broad range of modules, the excellence of the teaching staff, and the space made for class discussions combine to prepare each of us for a life and ministry of loving the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength.

–Revd.  Revd Anna Williams (2021)

 The MTh course is both stimulating and challenging. Throughout, theological exploration is encouraged, and emphasis is placed on the outworking of faith in the lives of all who participate. In both TCD and the Theological Institute (CITI), critical engagement is welcomed during seminars, and this small–group teaching complements a culture that encourages the exploration of topics beyond formal contact hours – as, indeed, does the variety of age and experience, of academic background and theological perspective, within the relatively small student body.

The emphasis on collegiality in CITI, in particular, offers an environment in which variety of opinion and style of liturgical worship are both recognized and welcomed as enriching the life of the Church. The course is experienced within a faith community that is nourished and sustained by the rhythms of daily worship. It is also experienced, more widely, within a community that includes not only MTh students and academic staff, but also non–teaching staff, guests, and non–MTh students who share in the life of the Institute. These have been among the most enjoyable and rewarding years that I have spent in a university setting, not least because the many friendships with which my time there has been blessed.

Revd Dr Leonard Madden (2021)

 These past few years, studying on the M.Th. course as part of the pathway of training for ordination, have been such enriching ones from my perspective. This has largely been due to the support, encouragement, and investment of excellent tutors, who brought fresh and exciting perspectives to the study of theology. This has also been due to the positive learning environments provided by the Theological Institute and Trinity College Dublin. I think we have all been encouraged by how much we have progressed and developed, spiritually, personally, and intellectually, over these past few years. The course has fortified our heads for credible and critical engagement with contemporary issues, our hearts for compassionate and pastoral ministry, and our hands for sustainable and relevant service.’ 

Revd. Christopher West ( 2020)