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Representative Church Body Library

The RCB Library provides for the library and referencing needs of those engaged in ministerial training. The Library further acts as the Church of Ireland’s repository for its records.

All the books which are recommended by the Institute teaching staff, and many others, are available in the Library, as is a selection of journals and periodicals. There are reading rooms for reference and study and most books are available on loan.  Students are members of the Library for the duration of their training and are thereby entitled to full borrowing rights. The catalogue of printed books is available on–line through the Library’s website (www.library.ireland.anglican.org) and students, once they have obtained a reader’s ticket, may reserve books and manage their loans.

During each visit to the Library, please adhere to public health advice regarding social distancing, hand washing/sanitising and mask wearing. You will need to sign–in on the Contact Sheet in the hallway of the Library each time you visit.

The Library continues to operate a Click–and–Collect service for students who wish to borrow books. You can order books through this service in two ways: the most direct is by requesting them through the RCB Library online printed books catalogue   [https://libcat.rcbdub.org/liberty/libraryHome.do]; or by emailing a member of staff.