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Dissertation Abstracts

Dissertation Abstracts

One of the outcomes driving the delivery of ministerial training within the Theological Institute (CITI) is that of enabling the mission of the Church of Ireland through academic excellence and culturally relevant research. The dissertations are submitted in fulfilment of the MTh degree, delivered as a partnership between CITI and Trinity College, and validated by the University of Dublin.

The course, widely recognised as an imaginative and innovative professional programme, is predicated upon an approach which emphasises integrated learning across the three core strands of the curriculum, ‘The Bible and its Interpretation’, ‘Theological Reflection and Christian Identity’ and ‘Christian Practice in Church and Society. In consequence, the research task invites students to major in one strand whilst clearly engaging with all three.

Within the polity of the Church those who conduct the research are simultaneously committed to a one–year diaconal internship as deacons. In that sense the dissertations are designed to open up a conversation which will embrace both theological theory and ministerial reality. Their realised potential lies in the fact that they ask important question, sustain critical reflection and demonstrate cogent presentation.