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Stipendiary or Self Supporting Minister

Stipendiary or Self Supporting Minister

I am considering ordination in the Church of Ireland.  

Students studying for ordained ministry in the Church of Ireland undertake the Master in Theology (MTh) course through the Church of Ireland Theological Institute and Trinity College Dublin (N.B. Ordained Local Ministry candidates undertake a different training programme). Acceptance onto the MTh requires successful completion of the Certificate in Christian Theology and Practice (CCTP). To enrol in the CCTP for this purpose, you must have the approval of your Diocesan Director of Ordinands. 

We were encouraged to explore a broad range of themes and church traditions by the tutors, and we were held in prayer by our sisters and brothers in Christ.
Christopher West 

The CCTP has been designed by those who teach the MTh to offer tailored preparation for the master’s course. It builds foundations in the three areas of study of the MTh: Biblical Studies, Theology and Practical Ministry. Study alongside other students both on this pathway and on Ordained Local Ministry, reader and adult discipleship pathways, builds community and offers essential preparation for ministry in a diverse church characterised by cooperation between lay and ordained members. Students on this pathway take the elective in Theological Reasoning & Critical Thinking. This offers vital skills for reasoning well and articulating their ideas clearly which will enhance and support their study at master’s level.