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Discipleship & Knowledge

Discipleship & Knowledge

I am interested in learning more for my own discipleship and knowledge.   

Students taking the course for their own enrichment will find a wealth of opportunities to grow in their knowledge of the faith and to apply these insights to their Christian living. Starting with the ‘Fit for the Purpose’ Retreat Weekend, they will be guided to understand their calling to live out their faith in their own contexts as a vocation. 

Modules on Bible will explore both the content and historical context of the Scriptures and invite students to learn skills for reading these texts. Modules on the Creeds and on the Development of Theological Thinking will ground their faith in the long tradition of the Church, while the module on Public Worship will help students to better understand the rituals and liturgies that shape their experience of church and will give them the ability to engage these practices of worship with greater understanding. Students taking the course on this pathway will take the elective in Spirituality and Self–Understanding which will offer them the opportunity to apply their learning on the course to their lives of personal devotion and their practices of Christian discipleship. Students on this pathway study alongside those exploring ordination and preparing for Ordained Local Ministries or Reader Ministries. This mutually enriching and diverse community offers an ideal context for rich discussion and collaboration. 

Students taking the course for their own enrichment may choose to take the course as a whole, and to receive the Trinity College Certificate as outlined above. They may alternatively choose to take individual modules according to their interests. In this case the modules are not awarded Trinity College credit. Students taking this option may need to source local accommodation during study weekends.