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Bridget Nichols



Bridget Nichols grew up in South Africa and studied English Literature and Classics in Cape Town. She taught in the English Department of the University of the Witwatersrand before pursuing doctoral research at the University of Durham.

Here, her interest in liturgy took shape through study of Reformation and modern liturgies of the Church of England, focused on their interpretation in performance. Her doctoral dissertation was published as Liturgical Hermeneutics: Interpreting Liturgical Rites in Performance (Peter Lang, 1996) and her interest in language and liturgy has continued to lead in a number of directions.

Bridget was Lay Chaplain and Research Assistant to three Bishops of Ely from 1998–2017. She is a Visiting Scholar at Sarum College, where she contributes to the MA in Christian Liturgy. From 2012 to 2017 she was a member of the Academic Board of the Archbishop’s Examination in Theology, which oversees research degrees awarded by the Archbishop of Canterbury. She is a Consultant to the C of E Liturgical Commission.

She joined the staff of the Church of Ireland Theological Institute in July 2017.

She is currently particularly interested in two areas of inquiry: what it means to describe liturgical language as ritual language; and in the relationship of worshipping communities with authority, embodied in the perceived conflict between authorised and locally or spontaneously generated language in worship.

She hopes to return to the fifth– and sixth–century Psalter collects, edited by Dom Louis Brou for the Henry Bradshaw Society, to explore baptismal imagery as evidence of actual liturgical practice.

Memberships and Affiliations:

Societas Liturgica, (President 2019-2021), Society for Liturgical Study, The Society for Reformation Studies.

I am a trustee of The Alcuin Club (a society that exists to promote liturgical study and publication).

I am reviews editor of Anaphora (the journal of the Society for Liturgical Study) and a Consultant to the C of E Liturgical Commission

Research Interests:

Anglican liturgy; liturgical language; liturgy and ritual; worship and authority; psalter collects

Dissertations Supervised:

MTh dissertation on Table Fellowship (CITI)

MTh dissertation on spiritual direction and mindfulness (CITI)

MTh dissertation on Patrician pilgrimage routes in Ireland (CITI)

MTh dissertation on the migrant and refugee crisis (CITI)

MTh dissertation on memory and restoration in a Belfast parish (CITI)

MTh dissertation on the Eucharist as embodied experience (CITI)

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