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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

CITI is committed to quality in all the programmes it offers. This commitment to quality is expressed in the Theological Institute Quality Statement and is monitored by regular external review, surveys of graduates and regular formal and informal student feedback.

The Theological Institute is subject to external review on a regular basis in accordance with both the Memorandum of Understanding between the House of Bishops of the Church of Ireland and Trinity College Dublin and the Quality Assurance Act 2012. Most recently, the institute underwent two external reviews in the academic year 2015–2016.

The first of these reviews was conducted in compliance with the requirements of Quality Qualifications Ireland and was overseen by the Quality Office of Trinity College Dublin. This review examined the Master in Theology award. The reviewers expressed ‘strong approval and commendation’ of the programme and described it as offering ‘a model of professional training and academic education … which compares favourably with best practice in the sector’.

This review and its recommendations have lead to a number of developments in the Master in Theology award. These include condensing the six year distance learning course into four years, the addition of new modules in both biblical studies and doctrine, the provision of a system for CITI staff sabbaticals, the addition of an academic administrator and the development of an agreed statement on integration. The full review report can be viewed here.

The second review was conducted by a team of external experts on behalf of the House of Bishops. This review looked at additional aspects of the life of the Institute including lay training and continuing ministerial education. The House of Bishops’ statement to General Synod regarding this review can be read here.

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Graduate Survey

Approximately eighteen months after completing the course, graduates are sent a survey to complete anonymously asking them to give feedback on how they perceive the modules and various other course components have contributed to their preparation for ministry. The results of these surveys are reported to the Course Management Committee.

Student Feedback

Students are encouraged to give feedback to lecturers informally on a regular basis as well as on module feedback forms distributed at the end of each module. These feedback forms are used by staff to further develop their modules. Many of the actions undertaken in response to student feedback are recorded in the following year’s student handbook. The most recent feedback can be found here.