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This is the Diocesan Clergy Conference in Kajiado where Maurice Elliott was giving the teaching and then preaching in the cathedral.

Pictured are Ronnie Briggs, Maurice Elliott, Bishop Gaddiel Lenini, Ven Naftaly Lemooke, Maggie Briggs. The Brigg’s are CMS Ireland Mission Partners who hosted Maurice Elliott and organised the visit. Maftaly acted as Swahili interpreter for all of Maurice’s sessions.  

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CITI Weddings Hanily wedding cake


On 26 July 2017 one of our intern deacons, Sean Hanily, married Cherith Gardiner in St James parish church, Crinkin.

Another of our deacon interns, Derek Harrington, married Anne–Marie Bolton in France on 5 August 2017.


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CITI New Seminar Series A new biennial seminar series will commence this October at the Church of Ireland Theological Institute.

The theme for the series is ‘Ministry in a Contemporary Context’.

The programme for the first year is as follows:


Revd Ian Parkinson, Leadership Specialist at CPAS, the Anglican Mission Agency
‘For the equipping of all God’s people: the practice and purpose of Christian leadership’


Prof. Neville Cox, Dean of Graduate Studies, Trinity College, Dublin
 ‘Religion, law and the clash with RightsTalk’


Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Chelmsford
 ‘Intentional discipleship in the local parish’

Speakers in the second year will include:

Revd Dr Andy Angel, Vicar of St Andrew’s, Burgess Hill, Brighton 
Rt Revd and Rt Hon. Dr Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury and Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge 
Canon Dr George Lings, Former Director of the Research Unit, Church Army 


This is a free event and open to the public but due to a limited number of spaces we request that you register your interest by emailing our administration.

Download the poster HERE

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Appointment of Lecturer in Anglicanism and Liturgy BNThe Church of Ireland Theological Institute (CITI) is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Bridget Nichols to the post of Lecturer in Anglicanism and Liturgy.

Dr Nichols completed undergraduate and graduate studies in South Africa and has a doctorate in Literature and Theology from the University of Durham. She has lectured at the University of Durham and the University of Sunderland and has been a Visiting Scholar at Sarum College, Salisbury. Current research interests include psalter collects and the nature of liturgical language. Dr Nichols has served as chaplain to the Bishop of Ely and as a member of the Ely Diocesan Vocations Advisers’ Team, and writes a column on the weekly Sunday readings for Church Times.

The Rev Canon Dr Maurice Elliott, Director of CITI, said: ‘CITI is delighted to welcome Dr Bridget Nichols to the staff faculty team. She is a person of rich ecclesial experience and high academic pedigree. I have no doubt that both the ordinands in training and indeed the wider church will benefit greatly from her wisdom and her warmth.’

The Most Rev Dr Michael Jackson, Chairperson of the CITI Governing Council, said: ‘I am delighted that Dr Bridget Nichols has been appointed to the staff of CITI as Lecturer in Anglicanism and Liturgy. Dr Nichols has a broad range of research pertinent to this post. She will add her talents to a hard working staff team in CITI and will be able to take her place in the Theology Department of the University of Dublin, Trinity College. I wish her well as she comes to live and work among us.’

Dr Nichols will take up her post towards the end of July 2017.


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Twenty–five year reunion at CITI Reunion 25 years 

Celebrating their twenty–fifth year since ordination are (L–R): Andrew Orr, Maurice Elliott, George Davison, William Deverell, John Auchmuti, Rupert Morton, Susan Green and Andrew Forster. The celebration was led by Canon John Bartlett (front row), former principal, and followed by a meal in Bijou, Rathgar.

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Ferns Diocesan Ecumenical Society Outing at the Institute

Pictured are members of the Ferns Diocesan Ecumenical Society, who visited the Institute on 22 June 2017, as part of their summer outing. Canon Arthur Minion and Fr James Murphy led the group. Dr Katie Heffelfinger and Rev Dr Paddy McFlinchey welcomed the group on behalf of CITI. 

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Farwell gift presented to Professor Alan Hibbert

The Right Rev John McDowell presented a farewell gift to Professor Alan Hibbert at the Church of Ireland Theological Institute. Professor Hibbert has been a member of the Management Committee since 2010. Pictured is Bishop McDowell, Professor Hibbert and Rev Dr Elliott.

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Edgehill & CITI integrative seminar

(Staff & students at Edgehill)

On 15–16 May 2017, the staff and students of CITI joined with their Methodist counterparts at Edgehill Theological College, Belfast for a combined “Integrative Seminar”. It was great to meet, worship and spend time with those training for ministry in the Methodist church – to grow friendships and learn from one another. Taking its cue from the prophet Jeremiah’s letter to those living in exile (Jer 29:7), the theme for this year was “Seeking the Welfare of the City: The Challenges of Urban Ministry”.

tuesday panel speaker

(Tuesday’s panel speakers)

Over the course of two days we heard from a variety of speakers on the challenges which face Christian ministry in Belfast in the 21st century: economic, social, political and spiritual. Yet among the challenges lay opportunities to reach out and ‘incarnate’ the love of God. I was particularly struck by Glenn Jordan, the former director of the Skainos Project, who reflected on Isaiah’s message to the returning exiles from Babylon to rebuild the city of Jerusalem. He urged us to exercise a similar prophetic imagination. We should be people who know our past to speak into the present and so cast a vision for others of what the future might hold.

Glenn Jordan

(Glenn Jordan’s presentation)

In addition to the invited speakers, time and space was given to have a ‘personal encounter’ with the city of Belfast. The ‘Passion Walk’ incorporated a retelling of the story of Christ’s passion while we walked through the hustle and bustle of city centre streets and then beyond out to the Titanic Quarter. As we reached the end of the Quay and had to turn around to look back to the city itself the crucifixion scene was recounted. Inhabiting this moment, hearing again of how Jesus was taken outside the city walls of Jerusalem to where his love ran red, was both profound and poignant.

passion walk

(Derek, David, Johnny and Jonathan on the Passion Walk)

Belfast has such a chequered history and legacy, from the proud achievements of its shipbuilding past through to the gritty reality of urban poverty evident in the inner city. In the end, the Seminar has left me with both a question and the foundation of an answer. ‘How might the presence of the crucified and risen Jesus be brought to such a city?’ Ultimately, it is about sharing the hope we have within because of the love that first found us. To seek the welfare of the city means to display love–in–action, even if that means that we too will be cast away outside the city walls.

By Jonathan Brown, CITI student.


captain johnny        lucy  

(Captain Johnny)                             (Lucy and Speaker 1)


(Edgehill Chapel)



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Emma Carson’s placement in Hong Kong I recently had the opportunity to travel Hong Kong for a three–week placement. Facilitated through DUFEM (Dublin University Far Eastern Mission), Ming Hua Theological College and CITI, this placement proved to be a wonderful and exciting learning experience.
As well as attending some classes at Ming Hua, I spent time at St John’s Cathedral in the Diocese of Hong Kong Island and in St Philip’s in the Diocese of Western Kowloon. I also had the opportunity to preach at All Saints Cathedral in Mong Kok and visit many local churches, and outreach programmes throughout Hong Kong.
I attended several services at St John’s and visited various projects and missional outreach projects which it runs. One of the programmes I was able to spend time in, was H.E.L.P for Domestic Workers (Help Empowerment Legal Protection). H.E.L.P exists to empower the many foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong and provides assistance and advice on the workers’ legal rights.
In addition to this, I was able to visit the Missionary Area of Macau. The first Protestant missionary to China, Rev Dr Robert Morrison, landed on Macau in September 1807. In 1941, the first woman to be ordained an Anglican priest, Florence Li Tim–Oi, was licensed by Bishop Ronald. Macau today is very different with its Portuguese architecture, tourists and casinos. I had the opportunity to visit St Paul’s Church which is within the school it serves. I was also able to visit the Diocese’s Social Services project which provides numerous support services to the local community.
It was incredibly interesting to meet with a number of clergy, both Chinese and Western, and discuss the similarities and differences between ministry in Asia and in Ireland. I was able to enjoy some of the sights and see what Hong Kong has to offer. My placement was certainly very interesting and rewarding and definitely quite an adventure!

Emma Carson       St John's cathedral

Emma Carson with Rev                                                  St John’s Cathedral

Cindy Kwok at All Saints Cathedral              


















Emma Carson with Rev Cindy Kwok at All Saints Cathedral

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Upcoming Events 12–14 May: Part–time weekend

15–16 May: Integrated seminar in conjunction with Edgehill

18 May: End of year BBQ

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