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Emma Carson’s placement in Hong Kong
Added on Wednesday 17th May 2017

I recently had the opportunity to travel Hong Kong for a three–week placement. Facilitated through DUFEM (Dublin University Far Eastern Mission), Ming Hua Theological College and CITI, this placement proved to be a wonderful and exciting learning experience.
As well as attending some classes at Ming Hua, I spent time at St John’s Cathedral in the Diocese of Hong Kong Island and in St Philip’s in the Diocese of Western Kowloon. I also had the opportunity to preach at All Saints Cathedral in Mong Kok and visit many local churches, and outreach programmes throughout Hong Kong.
I attended several services at St John’s and visited various projects and missional outreach projects which it runs. One of the programmes I was able to spend time in, was H.E.L.P for Domestic Workers (Help Empowerment Legal Protection). H.E.L.P exists to empower the many foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong and provides assistance and advice on the workers’ legal rights.
In addition to this, I was able to visit the Missionary Area of Macau. The first Protestant missionary to China, Rev Dr Robert Morrison, landed on Macau in September 1807. In 1941, the first woman to be ordained an Anglican priest, Florence Li Tim–Oi, was licensed by Bishop Ronald. Macau today is very different with its Portuguese architecture, tourists and casinos. I had the opportunity to visit St Paul’s Church which is within the school it serves. I was also able to visit the Diocese’s Social Services project which provides numerous support services to the local community.
It was incredibly interesting to meet with a number of clergy, both Chinese and Western, and discuss the similarities and differences between ministry in Asia and in Ireland. I was able to enjoy some of the sights and see what Hong Kong has to offer. My placement was certainly very interesting and rewarding and definitely quite an adventure!

Emma Carson       St John's cathedral

Emma Carson with Rev                                                  St John’s Cathedral

Cindy Kwok at All Saints Cathedral              


















Emma Carson with Rev Cindy Kwok at All Saints Cathedral