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Dissertation Abstracts 2014

Dissertation Abstracts for Alumni of the Masters in Theology (MTh) can be found beneath. For more detailed information or to find out more on any dissertation you can contact us here in Church of Ireland Theological Institute.

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Author Title Availability
Julie Bell ‘Until Christ is formed in you’

What is the significance of the intergenerational worshipping context for the Christian formation of the community of faith? What are the implications of this for the shaping of worship, initiation and nurture in the Church of Ireland today?
Philip Richard Benson Receiving the gift of holy cross monastery – A critical Examination of renewing local anglican and roman catholic ecumenical engagement through receptive ecumenism Download
David Bowles Equipping older women for active involvement in church Download
Alan Breen 21st century parables: God’s voice in modern day cinema Download
Alastair Philip Donaldson What are the implications of christian exclusivism for the church and the proclamation of the gospel in 21st century republic of ireland? Download
Olivia Margaret Grace Downey Discipleship in the Church of Ireland: A theological and practical examination of discipleship and its importance to christian development Download
Trevor Holmes Eco–mission in the anthropocene: the church responds to climate justice Download
Sam Johnston Intergenerational integration and missing millennials Download
Cameron Jones Biblical theology: A biblical hermeneutic for pastoral ministry Download
Catherine Hallissey Speaking the language of hurt Download
David Martin Development or Departure?

The socio–ecclesiological and theological setting of same–sex marriage in the irish context
Ruth O’Kelly How might a culturally relevant interpretation of the kingdom message impact mission? Download
Robert James Robinson lll Perseverance and falling away: a biblical, theological and practical response to the reality of deconversion Download
Catherine Jane Simpson The extent to which intrinsic and extrinsic factors influence the engagement of a parish with the process of reconciliation in its local context, local context being specifically urban, rural and cross–border Download
Abigail Sines Let us celebrate the feast: The service of holy communion in spirtual formation and mission Download