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Dissertation Abstracts 2012

Dissertation Abstracts for Alumni of the Masters in Theology (MTh) can be found beneath. For more detailed information or to find out more on any dissertation you can contact us here in Church of Ireland Theological Institute.

Our contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Author Title Availability
Alistair James Morrison Is the New Masculinity Movement a viable model for engaging men with God and the church? Download
Caroline Mansley The nature and expression of servant leadership among contemporary Church of Ireland clergy Download
Colin McConaghie What relevance does liturgical practice hold for the emerging ‘Fresh Expressions’ of church within the Church of Ireland? Download
Emma Rutherford Tempora mutantur, et nos mutamur in illis – “times change and we” change with them Download
Iain Jamieson Worship Reform in Ezekiel’s Temple Vision Download
Jacob Wilson Caldwell Leading the Church of Ireland Parish beyond Maintenance towards Mission Download
James Wallace If God can be shown to be relational by nature and action, what implications arise for the missional activities of the people of God? Download
John M. Godfrey “The Place of Lament and the ‘Catharsis of the Complaint’ in Response to the Problem of Evil.” Download
Jonathan Campbell – Smyth Could the wave of New Monasticism, through its characteristics marks, contain the catalyst that the Church of Ireland may adopt to reconnect with the today’s society? Download
Keith Marshall Is the New Masculinity Movement a viable model for engaging men with God and the church? Download
Matthew Milliken A critical analysis of the role and practice of confirmation in the Church of Ireland Download
Nicola Halford An exploration of the opposing views within the Anglican Communion regarding homosexual practice, with specific reference to the Church of Ireland

Striving towards a place of mutual understanding and greater unity
Sarah Marry In its mission to young people, how might the Church of Ireland negotiate the tension between the plagmatism of contextual tailored approaches and the aspirational vision of the unity and diversity of the Body of Christ? Download
Stephanie Woods The Methodology and Praxis of Effective Preaching Download