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CME retreat in Cumbria attracts 22 curates from 10 dioceses
Added on Wednesday 4th June 2014

04-06-14Dr Christina Baxter and Bishop Trevor Williams were the two main speakers at this year’s CME retreat for curates in the Church of Ireland.

Bishop Williams is about to retire as Bishop of Limerick and Killaloe and Dr Baxter is a former Principal of Saint John’s College, Nottingham.

The topic at this year’s retreat was “Anglican Prayer for the Holy Spirit.” The retreat at Rydal Hall in Cumbria was attended by 22 curates from 10 dioceses in the Church of Ireland.

The CME retreats are organised through the Church of Ireland Theological Institute as part of the Continuing Ministerial Education programme organised for curates during the first three years after their ordination as priests and is a valuable time away for reflection and refreshment.


This year’s CME retreat took place in Rydal Hall in Cumbria