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CME Retreat 2015
Added on Monday 25th May 2015

  1The CME retreat for the Church of Ireland curates was held this year from Tuesday 28th April until 

Friday 1st May. 29 curates representing all 12 dioceses attended the retreat, which was held at Dromantine Retreat and Conference Centre in Newry. 

The speaker on this occasion was the Revd Dr Heather Morris, former Director of Ministry at Edgehill Theological College and current Secretary for Home Missions in the Methodist Church. 

The topic for the retreat was “A People Belonging to God,” and Revd Dr Morris spoke on this theme over the course of the retreat. The retreat was organised as part of the Continuing Ministerial Education programme which the curates undertake for the first three years after their ordination as priests and is a valuable time away for reflection and refreshment.