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A visiting student from Rwanda at CITI
Added on Friday 22nd February 2013

Pic1 Amos Nsengiyumva from Rwanda was a welcome visiting student at the Church of Ireland Theological Institute for two weeks as part of his visit to Ireland in association with the Church of Ireland Bishops’ Appeal for World Development.

Amos is both a catechist and involved in agricultural education in the Diocese of Shyogwe. The Bishop of Shyogwe, Bishop Jered Kalimba, has been a regular visitor to Ireland.

While he was a visiting student, Amos attended lectures on the full–time and part–time MTh course and lectures in Trinity College Dublin, and also took part in the CITI community’s Ash Wednesday retreat in Jesuit centre at Manresa, Colntark.

Amos is the first recipient of a scholarship named after the late Very Revd Desmond Harman, Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, who died in December 2007. The scholarship was established in memory of Dean Harman by the Bishops’ Appeal, which has had a long–term relationship with the Anglican Church of Rwanda, the Diocese of Shyogwe and Bishop Jered Kalimba.

During his visit to Ireland, Amos has also studied at Gurteen Agricultural College, Roscrea, Co Tipperary, and is visiting parishes linked with Shyogwe Diocese through CMS Ireland.

He will attend the Lay Readers’ Course in the Diocese of Cashel and Ossory before returning in June to continue with his work and ministry in Rwanda.



Amos Nsengiyumva from the Diocese of Shyogwe with the Director of the Church of Ireland Theological Institute, the Revd Dr Maurice Elliott.