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Lent in the Chapel
Added on Saturday 19th September 2009

 Lenten Cross CITI

The Lenten Cross in the Chapel of CITI

This year during Lent the students and staff at the Church of Ireland Theological Institute (CITI) are focusing on how to refocus minds on prayer. Every Wednesday the CITI chapel is open from 10am to 4pm to provide time and space for personal prayer and for listening to God corporately. There will be several areas set aside to encourage many expressions and forms of prayer - including a reading area, a writing area, a visual prayer area, a music area and an area for intercession.

The CITI cohort is also raising money during Lent for the Bishops' Appeal through a 'Grow, Wax, Tri or Dye' initiative. Grow involves growing hair, waxing is self explanatory (to be done on the Wednesday of Holy Week), Tri is a Triathlon on the Monday of Holy Week, and Dye is the dying of hair.

For further enquiries on either the prayer room or the 'Grow, Wax, Tri or Dye' fundraising initiative, please get in touch with the CITI office or email Jonny Campbell-Smyth: