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First Day of Term at CITI
Added on Saturday 19th September 2009

The M Th Course begins




This weekend saw the opening of the newly refurbished CITI and the beginning of the MTh Course as Students arrived for a weekend of preparation for the life of study and ministry that lies ahead. The MTh Students arrived to register this weekend and formally enroll for the Masters programme at TCD and to meet the TCD staff who will be alongside the CITI in teaching the new course.

There were a number of sessions from CITI staff over the weekend and some input from the Bishop Michael Jackson, the Bishop of Clogher and Chair of the Governing Council of the Theological Institute on preparing for a lifetime of ministry.

Families of a number of the students were able to join their spouses in a time that was hosted by Kirsten Elliott, the wife of the Director of the Institute, Dr. Maurice Elliott. This enabled families to become familiar with the environment in which their family members will be studying and working.


Everyone was greatly appreciative of the tremendous work that had gone into the renovation programme that will mean a very conducive environment in which to pursue their studies. There are still one or two glitches to sort out which became apparent and is only to be expected – but overall the transition has been remarkable


It is also particularly apparent that the Foundation Course has had a further benefit in that the students have already got to know one another well before the MTh Course began. This introductory week was remarked on as being an opportunity to renew friendships already formed rather than getting to know a new course, a new environment and a new student body all at the same time


The NSM Course continues


The NSM Students were also present on this weekend and Dr. Tim Hull was over from St. John’s College Nottingham to provide some teaching input on the current module being studied. It is encouraging that all students will be able to benefit from the transition that the CITI has undergone and that NSM students will be able to mix with and interact with this new cohort.