What is Lay Training?

In Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (Chapter 4 verse 12), the Apostle exhorts those in leadership to “…equip the saints for acts of good works” (The Message).

Lay training through the Church of Ireland Theological Institute resources, equips, trains and nurtures all Christian believers supporting personal discipleship, Parish missional activity and in building support for individuals or teams across the Church of Ireland as they seek to live out Paul’s instruction to do “…good works”.

Who conducts the training?

The Church of Ireland Theological Institute Lay training suite of programmes is run by David Brown who acts as the Lay Training Co–ordinator for the Institute. David has over 22 years of lay ministry experience and training as a Church volunteer, Youth and Community worker and was formerly the Director of the Church of Ireland Youth Department.

What current Lay Training Programmes are there?

A number of current training programmes for lay people are now up and going through the Institute. They are linked at the top right of this page.

Who can i contact to find out, more information?

For further information on Lay Training matters for your Church or indeed yourself, you can: