Lay Training Press Release

Lay Training Press Release

Church of Ireland Lay Training Department.

Press Release:

“Church of Ireland Theological Institute Lay training department ‘gears’ up for a new season”.

Date: September 21stth 2015.

For immediate release.


From: David Brown. Lay Training Co–ordinator, CITI.


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M: 00 44 (0) 791 901 6979.




With a growing sense of excitement the Lay Training Department at the Church of Ireland Theological Institute is looking forward to this new academic year. With a number of new initiative’s and well tested programme opportunities available, both based at the Institute and in partnership with the wider Church of Ireland, there may well be something that resources your ministry and vocation as a Lay person.

From September 2015 to June 2016 we are delighted to be facilitating a “mini–retreat” series for those in Parish and Diocesan Reader ministry with topics ranging from “Suffering, the experience and reflection” (Rev Bruce Pierce) to Canon Patrick Comerford leading our thinking on the “Life of St. Patrick”. For those seeking to explore a vocation to Diocesan Reader ministry, information on the 2016 Diocesan Reader training programme is available at

With a liturgical calendar focus, other events based at the Institute will focus on the meaning of Advent (speakers, Most Rev Patricia Storey, Right. Rev Ken Clarke). As for Lent 2016, the CITI Lay Training department is in discussion with a number of agencies across the Church regarding how the story of Lent and the “Calvary Way” speaks into the lives of young adults today. Finally, CITI Lay Training Department is delighted to confirm that Rev Dr William Olhausen will lead the Pentecost Theological Lecture series at the Institute in the run up to Pentecost.

Whilst the above events are based ‘@’ the Institute, other ministry training opportunities are facilitated by CITI in partnership with a number of agencies and Dioceses. Should you wish to explore Children’s Ministry, a Children’s Ministry Certificate is available and delivered in partnership with Diocesan Children’s Officers and the Board of Education (NI). New initiatives for this academic year will also include induction training “On being a Select Vestry member” and uniquely for lay people engaged in pastoral visitation, conversations as to “Pastoral Care and Visitation training” through Edgehill Theological College are underway.

For further information, please email or keep an eye on the Church of Ireland Theological Institute website

David Brown.

CITI Lay Training Department.