The Revd Dr Patrick McGlinchey

The Revd Dr Patrick McGlinchey

Lecturer in Missiology and Pastoral Studies

paddyPaddy has both undergraduate and post–graduate degrees in Theology from the University of Nottingham, and a PhD from Queen’s University Belfast. His academic interests include twentieth century Roman Catholic theology, the emerging church movement and Fresh Expressions. Prior to ordination in the Church of England, he worked as a school teacher and later as the Co–ordinator of the City of Belfast YMCA’s Cross Community Schools’ Programme. His pastoral experience, which includes the planting of a joint Anglican/Baptist church in the Diocese of Norwich, has been profoundly motivated by his concern that the Church engage missionally with the culture. Prior to coming to CITI, he was the Church of Ireland chaplain to Queen’s University, Belfast. He is currently on the Board of CMSI and lives in Dublin with his wife Helen. They have three adult children, Paul, Patrick and Timothy.



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