Revd Canon Dr Maurice Elliott

Revd Canon Dr Maurice Elliott

The Revd Canon Dr Maurice Elliott, MA, BTh, MPhil, PhD,

Director of the Theological Institute

Dr Maurice ElliottDr Maurice Elliott studied languages, linguistics and theology in St Andrews, and theology through both Dublin and Belfast. His academic interests include homiletics, the theory and practice of contemporary Christian leadership and Anglican Reformation ecclesiology.

Prior to taking up his current post as Director of the Church of Ireland Theological Institute in 2008, he spent 15 years in parochial ministry in Northern Ireland. In terms of training and ministerial formation, his passion is for mission and church growth, leadership and team ministry, biblical preaching and personal spiritual development.

Within the Church of Ireland Dr Elliott is a member of the Standing Committee of the General Synod, the Covenant Council, the Commission for Christian Unity and Dialogue, the Bishops’ Advisory Commission on Doctrine and the Commission on Ministry. In addition, he is an elected representative to the Anglican Consultative Council, serves on the Board of the Arrow Ireland Leadership Programme, is a Trustee of St. Catherine’s Church, CORE and a member of the Christ Church Cathedral Board.

He holds memberships of the British and Irish Association for Practical Theology, the Academy of Homiletics and the Evangelical Theological Society, has been a visiting lecturer at Edgehill Theological College, Belfast and Ming Hua Theological College, Hong Kong, is a contributor to the journals Search and Churchman and serves currently as an External Examiner to the Belfast Bible College University Programme.


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Conference Papers and Extra–mural Speaking Engagements:

November 2017 – ‘The Legacy of Thomas Cranmer:  Principles of Foundational Anglicanism’, paper presented to the Evangelical Theological Society, Providence, Rhode Island. 

October 2017 – ‘Concerning the Heritage of the Reformation’ paper presented to Ming Hua Theological College and Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

June 2017 – Dublin Ecumenical Bible Week, ‘Mark for Today’, Rathgar Presbyterian Church

April 2017: ‘Ecclesia semper reformanda – The Challenges of Today and Tomorrow’, paper presented to the Search Symposium on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, Trinity College Dublin.

March 2017: ‘The Gospel in all its Fullness – Re–appraising the teaching of Mark’, Lenten Bible Study in the Parish of Bray.

February 2017: ‘Discipleship Re–visited, Refocused and Renewed’, three addresses given to the Clergy and Leaders of the Diocese of Down and Dromore.

October 2016: ‘The History and Current Expression of COI Theological Training’, paper presented to the Retired Clergy Grouping of Dublin and Glendalough.

January 2016: ‘Preaching and Memory’, paper given to the staff and students of the Ming Hua Theological College, Hong Kong.

January 2015: ‘Mission: Motivation, Possibilities and Potential‘, address to the Church of Ireland Evangelical Fellowship, Carrickfergus.

November 2014: ‘The Book of Common Prayer 2004: An Exploration of Principles in support of an Anglican Theology of Preaching’, paper submitted to the Academy of Homiletics, San Diego.

June 2014: ‘Colossian Discipleship: A Checklist for Healthy Spirituality’, address to the Methodist Church in Ireland Headway Society, Dublin.

September 2013: ‘The Theory of Leadership’ and ‘The Contextualisation of Preaching’, papers given to the staff and students of Ming Hua Theological College and the Provincial Clergy, Hong Kong.

March 2013: ‘The inception of the Church of Ireland Theological Institute and the development of the M.Th. as a model of integrated learning’, paper presented to the Continuing Ministerial Education Programme of Cashel and Ossory Diocese, Kilkenny. 

September 2012: ‘The Ministry of Diakonia and the Nature of Ministerial Training’, paper given to the Porvoo Churches Theological Consultation Group, CITI.

May 2012: ‘The Theory and Practice of Theological Reflection within Ministerial Life’, seminar paper presented to Church of Ireland ‘Mid–Career’ Clergy Conference at CITI.

January 2011: Inaugural ‘Thought for the Day’ speaker, Spirit Radio, Dublin, Ireland.

November 2010: ‘The Place of Children’s Ministry Training within Theological Formation’, paper presented to the Consultative Group on Ministry to Children, Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI), Edgehill College, Belfast.

November 2010: Launch of Church Mission Society Ireland ‘Discovery’ mission resource, Church House, Dublin.

October & December 2010: ‘Christian Leadership: A Survey of Dominant Characteristics’, ‘Servant Leadership: Definition and Critique’ and ‘Exploring Normative Leadership Styles’, lectures presented to the staff and students of Edgehill Theological College, Belfast.

June 2009: ‘Towards an understanding of Collaborative Ministry’, address to the President’s Ministerial Session of the Methodist Conference, Dublin.

October 2008: ‘Historical and Contemporary Developments within Ordination Training for the Church of Ireland,’ papers presented to the Armagh Clergy Conference, Donegal.

Central Church Committees:

General Synod (1996– ).

Standing Committee (2000–2003, 2006– ).

Bishops’ Advisory Commission on Doctrine (2004– ).

Covenant Council (2002– ).

Church in Society Northern Ireland Legislation and Politics (2003).

ARCIC II study and response groups (1998, 2006).

Liturgical Advisory Committee (1999–2004).

Church of Ireland Youth Department Board (1999–2002).

Anglican Covenant Response Group (2007–2009).

Anglican Affairs Working Group (2006– ).

Commission on Ministry (2008– )

Commission for Christian Unity and Dialogue (2016–).

International and Ecumenical Involvement:

Anglican Consultative Council (2006– ); participant, ACC–14, Jamaica, May 2009; ACC–15, Auckland, November 2012, ACC–16, Lusaka, April, 2016. 

Anglican Communion Theological College Principals’ Consultation, Canterbury (May 2011).

Church of Ireland representative, the General Synod, the Scottish Episcopal Church (2007, 2010).

Church of Ireland Representative, General Assembly, the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (2008).

Church of Ireland Representative, Conference of the Methodist Church in Ireland (2006).